Thursday, 16 December 2010

New Comics in Nitro

I've been really enjoying drawing some new strips for Nitro Magazine over the past few months. The first of them is out right now and I've posted an exert from it above. If you want to find out what happens you can buy the magazine from Smiths or here. The magazine also contains two strips by brilliant comic artist Toby Pearce.


  1. why dobt you do a character called Ray Smears - a wink wink... :-)

  2. Tom - this is great! We should talk - you should offer your talents to The Scout Association. Their Director of Marketing is Gail McKay: "Gail Scott-Spicer" , and their head of creative comes is: "Chris James" . They produce lots of publications for external and internal use. Also, have you seen RSA Animate Series: Could you do this sort of thing? It would be great to chat if you can. Also have you ever done illustration as part of facilitating strategy workshops/discussions in organisations? email me: