Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dyslexia Quest App

I work about half time for a company called Nessy producing many different kinds of drawings for print and for software. Our latest creation is an iPhone/iPad app called Dyslexia Quest. The app tests for various signs of dyslexia using a series of games and then gives you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and tells you whether on not you show any signs of dyslexia. The app then allows you to go back and improve your score.

I drew backgrounds and characters on this one. I even had a go at recording some voices for it but I was pretty awful at that.

The mountain to the left is the main game map that you climb as the game progresses. This the mountain in it's stating state: it changes a lot as the game progresses. You don't see it all at once like this in the game so I thought it might be nice to plonk it all in.

Dyslexia Quest can be found here

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  1. Nice work again Mr Plant. Crispy looking illustration. All I would say is that the mountains in the background are too dark,giving the impression its nighttime.