Wednesday, 23 November 2011

While I've been away

No posts for a few weeks because I've been away having big bowls of stir fried fun in Hong Kong. And I've come back engaged to my beautiful girlfriend (fiancée in-fact). Yays!

In my absence a project that I've been contributing to called Tables of Doom was released by Nessy. It's great working on Nessy products and then seeing how much kids enjoy them and I think this new one might be the best yet! The program is an online learning resource to teach times tables using the usual Nessy mix of cartoons, games, worksheets and silly humor.

Nessy News (October 2011): Tables of Doom
Count on to recognise pattern and sequence. Use the answer to find the question. See how much is represented by each multiplication fact.
Strategy based learning to help those who have difficulty remembering times tables. Animated strategies develop understanding.
Race to beat your time. Remember using rhythm. Colour coded records.
Web URL: Tables of Doom
Coming Soon: Clock Island

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