Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tripple whammy of my comicy bits in the latest Nitro

First up there's everyone's favorite landlocked Pirates in a christmas-based-mini-yarn. What's Cap'n doing to the Ship you may ask? Well get yourself off to your nearest news agent and demand your copy of Nitro to find out.
It's been really great working on the Pirates strip and I've been really pleased with the response. I originally devised them as a one off spoof to tie in with the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but they proved popular so here I am a year later still pooing them out. That's a point: the crew debuted exactly a year ago now, so happy birthday ye old scallywags!

The brief for the second comic was to do a spoof of the Puss in Boots film that's out now. Unfortunately, since I had to draw it quite a long time before publication I had no idea what the film was about. So instead of doing a spoof per se I based the comic around probably the worst pun ever to make it in to print. I got plenty of slapstick in to this one though.
And finally... this episode of Bert Grills was drawn many moons ago but it got lost in the wilderness and has only just found it's way back to civilization. Notable for the most gratuitous builders bum that I've ever drawn (in a kid's comic at least). See if you can spot it. I might hide one in each of my comics from now on, kind of like a Where's Wally. Or not

Correction 21.12.2011
The Bert Grills comic was actually in the previous issue. Woops, sorry!

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