Thursday, 29 December 2011

Unsuccessful pitch from waaay back when

Back in 2009 I drew a pitch for the fantastic (and unknown to me, about to fold) childrens comic The DFC. I sent it to the Dandy shortly afterwards but was unfortunately unsuccessful there as well. I sat on it for ages (three years to be exact) hoping to find a home for the little tyke, but I think it's not looking good for him. Shame, I reckon he could have been a fun one!

Anyway, I thought I'd post Ned up here so that he doesn't just sit on my hard drive forever and never see the light of day.
The basic idea is that Ned is left in charge of the Kingdom while his parents (the King and Queen) are off fighting in a foreign war. The funny juice would come from the idea of this kid being left in charge and seeing how he would deal with it.

He would also be contrasted against his 'advisor' Rosbif, an ambitious and frustrated general. The general wants to go with the other generals overseas and 'prove himself on the battlefield' but he is left babysitting Ned.

The baddies:
And here was a bit of sample comic up I sketched for it:

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