Thursday, 12 April 2012

New for Nitro

I've got a couple of new strips in the latest issue of Nitro! Firsty pops:

The spread this issue is the begging of a rolling story in which some school kids get launched in to space thanks to an overly ambitious lord mayor's space program.

I started this one ages ago and I'm quite a few issues in drawing wise. It's loads of fun to do with loads of opportunity for silliness.

The mini strip this issue is also a new one of a series. In this strip a couple of holidaying aliens crash land on Earth. Will they have a pleasant vacation experience or will they just get pooed on by a cow? Find out only in the latest issue of Nitro! Or just guess, I'm sure you can if you really try.


  1. Aliens on holiday. Looks like an inter-species fishing trip