Monday, 4 June 2012

Nitro RIP

Well that's it: the final Nitro Magazine is now in newsagents.  It's been a real privilege to work on Nitro      and to have a chance to experiment with such a broad range of characters, ideas and stories.  The editor, Richard Owen gave me an incredible amount of freedom and developed a saint like patience for dealing with my "that's not quite right, can I re submit it" tinkering.  Rich now moves on to editing Future Publishing's special issue sports publications.

The news was a bit sudden so the final Space Kids ends quite abruptly.  I was determined to give the story an ending though so I edited it re-drew most of the panels.  I'm quite pleased with it actually, considering it was retroactive bolt-on ending.

The upside of the closure is that the final issue of Nitro will be crammed with all the unused strips.  The issue now on shelves features four of my strips including:

this angry looking post box

these lost aliens

and this collection of alien monster type things.

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