Sunday, 2 December 2012

Nessy Phonics and cold winter morning commuting

This drawing somehow seemed to capture dark, cold mornings in a cramped train hallway:

Brilliant dinosaur/dragon hoodie

Kid reading the Metro

Two goes at the same commuter:

I don't just spend all my life commuting though, I do a bit of illustration in-between.  One project that I've been working on for a while at Nessy is called Hairy Phonics and has just been released as a download and a disk.  It features loads of funny cartoon animations, games and silliness all in the service of teaching phonics.  Out just in time for crimbo *nudge nudge*.  

To check it out and use lots of it for the bargain price of: FREE go to 


  1. Great work, both on and off the train ! If I had kids of that age I would send them straight to the site to have a look.

    Like the furrows on the brow of the last guy, that is concentration.

    But it is cold and dark now isn't it.

  2. He looked like he'd got to the saucy bit of the book/Kindle