Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pub dog, alarming finger nails, the fantom knitter strikes again and man on the pot.

Sometimes (very rarely) I remember to bring my sketch book to situations other than the morning commute.  Here's the proof, a man and a dog in a pub:


Right, now back to commuters...

Man with an impressive beard and even more impressive finger nails reading what I think was a religious book of some kind.

Ultra quick sketches to capture ephemeral poses:

Ok, so I've done knitting woman before, but I just couldn't help myself (and to be honest I'm running out of commuters that I haven't sketched)

Night bus drawings after quite a few drinks on a Friday night.  I seem to draw mostly the same as usual when drunk except for the massively exaggerated hands:  

The bus got on to some bumpy country lanes at this point:

Back to train sketches.  It was pretty full on this day:

"Best seat in the train", guy in a very crowded train toilet. 


  1. These are tremendous, Tom! I recently found a couple of sketches I did of a train's flotsum back in 1976!! Only had one piece of paper though, so only two drawings. Aye, times were hard1

    1. He he, thanks muchly Nigel, but I have absolutely no idea what a train's flotsum is! I've googled it and I'm still none the wiser. Hope the Thomsons are still keeping you busy.