Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Some more sketches from Sardinia (or at least the airport) + commuter types

The problem with plane travel (this may not be a problem for most people) is that you can generally only see one person to sketch for the entire flight, with no chance anyone getting on and off at the next station as with trains. On the way out I had a view of this guy, and by a freaky coincidence I had him on the way back too.  Couldn't be bothered to draw him twice.

Back to train commuters...


  1. Mr Plant, I check in every now and again and always say the same thing, but goddamn it these are good. It's spurred me on to draw more too which can't be a bad thing, and perhaps to steal your pens (the marks look lush!) which is probably can. Keep up the good work and hope you had a good hols.

  2. Cheers Mr Church, I'm very pleased if I've encouraged you to sketch more! Yeah, hols were great thanks. I took my paints out there with good intentions but in the end I only did these few sketches.