Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Commuters, commuters, open studios and a dog

We had our Open Studio over the weekend,  our resident photographiser Peter Stone posted some pictures on Facebook if you wanna see some.

Also this week, I done sketched some commuters (and a commuting dog):

This guy (the guy above rather than the fury one below) spotted me and asked to photograph the results on his phone. Awkwardness, but he didn't seem too offended by the likeness.

Sitting in the nook by the loos.

Pulling in to Stapleton Rd on the way home:


  1. These are all so good. The check shirt one is grand. And the first one. I am sure the guy was dead chuffed with it.

    Not sure about lingering too long in the nook by the loos though.

  2. Ha, indeed: the loo nook is a bit of a last resort for crowded mornings. Arm's not too bad, getting it MRIed in a couple of weeks so I guess I'll find out then. Elastication isn't what it was though!