Saturday, 1 February 2014

Finger chewer, I get caught and flower hat

This guy caught me and asked to see the sketch. He must have been ok with it because he asked me to send him a scan:

Here's list of the apps that we're working on this year at Nessy.  As well as this we're doing a load of new games and re-fitting Nessy Reading for tablets and the UK.  It's going to be a busy one!


  1. That is the ultimate compliment, the subject asking for the drawing. Although I find it a bit cringey at the time, I am always secretly chuffed to myself afterwards when it happens.

    Now i really want to investigate Hairy Phonics.

    1. Certainly better than some reactions that I've had. A past comment "her nose isn't that big" springs to mind.

      Am working on Hairy Phonics at the moment. Hopefully it'll be done by early summer. Will post some pics from it before then though.