Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Me drawing very fast on a film for Lawrence Weston's Neighborhood Development Plan

Director: Jonathan Alderson for Mentor Digital


  1. Blimey. That must have been nerve wracking. How did you make sure you didn't make mistakes. I am imagining that joke of the Monk just finishing the Lindesfarne Bible and someone points out the spelling mistake.

    How long did it take ?

    ( And loving the skeleton in the bus shelter )

    1. Pretty much what happened: I knew my spelling is all over the place so I wrote all the text in to a word processor the night before to make a spellchecked crib sheet. The bloody thing gave me american spellings! Luckily it only spoilt the crappest drawing and to be honest I was relieved to draw it again.

      It took 1 1/2 days to film and a 1/2 day to plan. And yes it was indeed very nerve wracking. Yes I was glad I got away with the skeleton: my little dig at busses in Bristol.