Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Moose Kid 2 is out

Issue 2 of the brilliant Jamie Smart edited all ages comic Moose Kid is now ready to read at  The comic features the work of 50 odd artists (including me) all giving our work away for free to hopefully entertain some young readers.

Issue 2 contains some of this

and this

(pic credit: Rick Eades)

a little bit of that

(pic credit: Jess Bradley)

some kids doing this:

(pic credit: Dan Gaynor)

(pic credit: Andrew Waugh)

A seal pup
(pic credit: Rachael Smith)
A green thing in a shower cap

(pic credit: Andreas Schuster)

the promise of gold, jewels and custard

(pic credit: Chris Garbutt)

and a crazy amount more.

Oh and this:
(pic credit: Rikke Asbjorn)

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