Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Salon of Rejects Launch

Woop!  The Salon of Rejects anthology comic is no GO GO GO!  As of now they can be bought at .  Get yours before they sell out in record time (probably).  I'm really chuffed with how it turned out and that such incredibly talented artists agreed to be involved.

Here's a little blub from one of the contributors Myfanwy Tristram that neatly sums up what it's all about:

"Why 'Salon of Rejects'? Because these are all entries to the prestigious Cape/Comica/Observer Graphic Short Story contest that didn't scoop that top prize. Or.. er, any prize. But we still think they're pretty fab. So, like the artists rejected from the Paris Salon, we've cocked a snook at the establishment and set up our own display."

The Salon contains short comics by Michael Lomon, Mhairi Braden, Ross Mackintosh, Sarah Ushurhe, Tom Plant and Myfanwy Tristram.

We may well be doing a launch event at Gosh Comics very soon so watch this space for more details.

Here's a few preview images from the comic:
From The Noneist by Tom Plant

From Giddy Heights by Myfanway Tristram

From Dermis Pearl by Sarah Ushurhe

From Always Burning by Michael Lomon

From Mary by Ross Mackintosh

From Night Shift by Mhairi Braden

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