Saturday, 16 April 2011

Am I dyslexic? Yes, I am as it happens.

On friday I got to have a little look at a beta version of an App that I contributed backgrounds and characters to (as well as some really terrible voice 'acting').

It looks really great: I was surprised how lively the animation was and how much the games drew you in. The app, to be called "Am I Dyslexic" (please suggest a better name if you think of one) will be a series of games designed test for Dyslexia.

With each game the player climbs a little bit further up a mountain, meeting various yetis as they go. At the summit you meet a wise old yeti who will reveal your strengths and weakness's and tell you if you show any signs of being dyslexic.
The app should be out in a matter of weeks. I'll post more as and when.

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  1. Will you be allowed to show more of the designs and backgrounds, their looking rather tasty. They would be a good thing to attract more clients good buddy.