Monday, 2 May 2011

Sketchy fun on the train

To a gutless individual like me trains provide the perfect opportunity to sketch people. This is because I get all embarrassed when people realize that I've been sketching them and train travel allows me to deploy two sneaky tactics.

The first tactic is drawing people on the platform. I
t's like being in a movable bird hide from which to study the many and varied species of general public. I was particularly chuffed when the triangular looking guy bellow pulled in to view in an adjacent train. He inspired me to quickly dig out my sketch pad and jot him down before he pulled away. At the next station I was presented with lady staring in to space in the second drawing, yays!
Mobile phone guy at the same station

My other favorite trick is to draw people using the reflections in the windows. I almost always get caught doing this one though.


  1. NIce sketches - (particularly the last one...loads of charcter). Always nice (as a similarly gutless chap) to see someone else's tactics...aah the window trick...

  2. Yes the good old window trick! Like I say, I usually get caught doing that one and end up looking like a mad stalker.

    The bearded guy two pics up noticed me staring so I had to do his beard from memory. That's why he's got confused marks all over his lips as if he's just been punched in the face and/or has been eating chocolate cake without the aid of hands.

  3. Many many tricks to get what you need. I favour brazening it out when people notice. It is my right, as an artist.

    Like that I can see the drawings on the other pages behind each sketch, like a ghost.

  4. You've definitely got the right attitude, I need to get a thicker skin.

    I've just remembered the most important sketchbook ploy of all: sunglasses!

  5. Hello Tom, just stumbled across this blog of yours. The sketches look great! I like your covert drawing techniques, must give the window-reflection one a go :)

  6. Hi Catherine, do it! I've got some more covert train drawings to put up from the other day. Hope it's all going well in Cornywall

  7. Cornywall is much as it ever was, though I do believe the students have all started to look exactly the same and I've started referring to them as The Students. I must've become Local without realising it. Job at Trago's beckons.

  8. He he, do it! You'll be accepted as a true local once you've done a stint at Tragos!