Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happy Ruddy Birthingday!

I've just got back from celebrating the birthingday of some good friends.  Seeing as they are a couple and they made the age old mistake of celebrating both of their birthdays at the same time I decided I could get away with only making them one present (what a bastard).  Here's a scan or the painting that I made for them:
And because it was also a Nessy day today, here's some new commuter drawings (not many today because I only part of a commute).

Right, off to beddy byes for me.  More commuting fun in a few hours!


  1. The guy in the middle was the best character. I've seen him a few times on the commute: he gets very impatient and fidgety and mutters "come on, come on" if there's any delays.