Friday, 3 August 2012

Last commuter sketchyness of the week

Today's crop of commuters:

These two got on at different stops but obviously knew each other.

This guy was a proper hard core cyclist in his spandex, Oakleys and a fancy bike.  Will try to get a full body drawing of him next time, now that I  know which stop he gets off at.  This is pretty much the look of disdain that he gave my little fold up clown bike as I got on the train.

The page to the left is ripped out because a stag do noticed me drawing and demanded I draw the stag.  Under the pressure I did one of the worst drawings of all time, which inspired comments of "oh it must be very hard to draw in a train" and "that's a good effort".  I gave them the drawing anyway, even though I don't think they particularly wanted it by that point.

But then, just as I was about to get off a my stop feeling a bit deflated, the gods of sketching gave me this gift of a life model:


  1. Ha. I know that one, where someone insists you draw their friend, and it turns out to be the worst sketch ever, and you want to rifle back thru your sketchbook and show them some good ones, just to prove it.

    But you don't.

    Just read Matthew Syed's BOUNCE. And he writes about how it all goes to pot when a complex body memory pattern ( which sketching surely is ) has to be done consciously.

    What train line do you sketch on ?

  2. Glad to know it's not just me then! Yeah it's definitely more difficult to draw self consciously isn't it? I think my main problem was that I knew that the subject was going to see it after I'd finished and I was too busy worrying about that to actually do a decent drawing.

  3. I sketch between Oldfield Park and Clifton Downs during the rush hour. It's two trains, one's the big London one and the other is the little Bristol plinker (the only public transport in Bristol that works).