Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Commuter Sketch Safari

This guy's face was much better than my drawing.  I started to have another go but some bloody "people" sat in between me and him and put an end to my fun.


  1. 'People' always get in the way. It's like, hey, can't you see I'm sketching here ! I sometimes make a play of straining to see round them in the hope they will get the message. They never do.

  2. Is that a cycle helmet or is she about to go pot holing ?

  3. Ha ha, you know these trendy kids: can't be seen around with those stupid foam and plastic things like I wear.

    Good to know that you do the exaggerated, indignant strain to see round as well! Sometimes I get so irritated by it that it takes me a little while to realize that I can just draw the person who's stood in front. But they're never as good.