Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Airports and trains

I've been on my hols in Ireland recently visiting Carla's relitives, hence I haven't posted any commuters in a while.  Here's a bumper crop to make up for it + a few airport sketches:

In-case you've never had to get up at six in the morning to get on a packed train to work, this guy is demonstrating how it feels:


  1. There is so much to admire in how you catch these people. The stance of the woman in dark tights. The contemplative look of the fella standing on the train, the couple waiting in the airport.

    I am envious of your hand and pen.

    As always.

  2. Stopit, stopit, I'm blushing. The head and shoulders of the fringey lady reading a book about half way up was sightly inspired by your handling of hands, at least in the sense that your blog has shamed me in to looking at hands a bit closer. That's the next thing I want to concentrate on. Hands give me the fear though, especially as people just wont keep them still!

    Cheers Keith.