Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Delays, delays, cancellations and delays on the commute today, loads of being herded on and off broken old trains.  Yay!  Thanks First Group

Some sketches of First Group's cattle:



  1. Love the kid in the cycle helmet. You caught the whole pose with so few lines. Reminds me of that Rembrandt sketch of kids.

    That we should aspire so high.

    First Group huh ? Flavour of the month NOT I think.

  2. Always loved Rembrandt's sketches, much more so than his paintings. They really highlight the power of drawing to be alive and kinetic. Yes First Group definitely deserve their current mauling: they've made a complete mess of Bizzol transport and charged us all dearly for the privilege.

  3. Ah. Yes, someone with my own views. Rembrandt paintings - WTF. Rembrandt sketches - awesome. How someone who could capture everything with so few minimalist lines could also overwork those paintings amazes me every time I look at them.

  4. Ha! Brilliant! Not sure I'd go quite as far as that re Rembrandt's daubings, but the phrase "Rembrant paintings - WTF" made me laugh.