Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sketch Safai funs

Bagged myself these specimens:

I ended up on the divider  between cartridges while drawing this which gave me pretty horrendous motion sickness.  By the time I got to drawing the guy in the background I was 90% concentrating on not puking so he's a little bit of a wobbly stick figure.

Reading a very dry maths text book:

Not a preticularly good sketch but it's got some rain drops in the ink for authenticity:


  1. Loving the bulk of the first guy, and the seen through the crowd of the last.

    And rain drops are always good.

    I was sketching outside in watercolour once and it started to snow. only later did I see a perfect snowflake had landed on the page and dried in the paint. I now have it for ever.

  2. Ooo, much prettier than some rain spattered ink. Must make a point of going out painting in the snow...