Sunday, 4 November 2012

Friday's commuters

I liked her texting frown:

and her look of classic commuter weariness: 

and his pointyness:

Trouble with the crossword:

He was trying hard to concentrate but a very loud and shouty conductor kept on barking orders over the intercom and ruining his train of thought.  As a result he did a lot of annoyed fidgeting, but I managed to frankinstien a few poses together.

Also: if you're in Bath today and you fancy seeing some art then come by my studio (44AD.  7-9 Lower Borough Walls) for our open studios.  All my commuter sketches for the last few months will be out as well


  1. Wow, Wish I was anywhere near Bath. I would drop by.

    Have a good day.

    I sketched a woman with the exact same text frown yesterday !

  2. How did the open studio go ?

  3. Not bad thanks Kieth, it's always a bit wierd having the public wondering around the studio but it was fun. Got to see young comics fans enjoying my work as well which was brilliant (and useful to see what did and didn't work)