Saturday, 10 November 2012

Obama, cylists, dodgy perspective and my Open Studios

According to this guy's paper some guy called 'Obama' won something?!  I hope it was something nice.

Liked her foot angling.  

She didn't stop for long enough, so she's riding a ghost bike:

No I didn't get the proportions wrong on this one, she's pushing a fold-up clown bike like mine (only hers is a fancy Braunton):

Spot the dodgy perspective:

I forgot to take any pictures of my recent Open Studios.  Luckily Carla-Jo took one, of my wall of random rough sketches:

PS. A few people have mentioned recently that they've tried to comment on my blog but the site hasn't let them.  I've had a look in settings and I think I've fixed it now.

PPS. Blogger users: it looks like the default setting for comments only lets other Blogger users comment on your blog, so if you want anyone to be able to comment you probably want to have a tinker with your settings.


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