Saturday, 23 March 2013

Commuters from the last week or so + Comic Slumber Party

Slightly disgusting news?

Spielberg gets on at Keynsham

I think I got the center of gravity slightly wrong on this one:

Bad drawing but good thinking pose

Nodding off:

Nodded off:

A little over a week ago I got home from work and checked my favouritest comic geek blog  to find that there was a comic pannel thingy happening right then in my local!  So I sauntered down there with my sketchbook with the ernest intention of making some notes sketches and doing a write up sort of thing on here.  Unfortunately, my journalistic skills need a little bit of work: I looked at my notes the day after and had absolutely no idea what they're about.  I've still got the sketches though:

The theme of the evening was women in comics.  It was an all lady panel of comic creators with Hannah K Chapman doing comparing duties.  I vaguely remember her saying some insightful and interesting things.  Can't remember what though.  I scribbled a load of non sequitur phrases on the adjoining page.
A not very accurate drawing of Gemma Correll said something about The Dandy and The Bunty apparently.  I obviously had far too much faith in my memory.

The guy below spent much of the evening drawing a comic about a character shaped like a cock.  Maybe some kind of masculist protest?

This guy asked a question about technique as my comprehensive note-taking reveals:

 Disa Wallander saying that she doesn't think she can make things up in her head but then saying that she doesn't use reference.  Just to mess with our minds.

So there you go.

Right, back to them commuters:

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