Wednesday, 27 March 2013

NHS Privatisation rally

I went up to London yesterday to take part in a protest and lobby to oppose the Health and Social Care Bill.  The bill is designed to privatise all parts of the NHS that can turn a profit.  Here's some guy talking about it on a woefully inadequate PA:

If you don't know what's happening to the NHS at the moment then this interview with acedemic Dr Lucy Reynolds in the British Medical Journal is pretty clear and comprehensive:

Guy who evidently had trouble editing his placard:

After the rally (which included some of the most polite civil disobedience of all time) some of us shuffled in to Parliament to hear from and lobby a selection of MPs, Lords, academics and activists:


  1. Good to see democracy at work. Or at least pretending to work.

    I have been on, and sketched many protest rallys in my time. Posted a few way back if you cared to go see.

    Top image great, Love how the guy's coat fills half the page.

    And top marks to ya, as it was bloody cold too.

    1. Thanks for the top drawing-in-spite-of-the-cold marks. Looked up your protest march sketches, they're incredible! They really capture the atmosphere and all that. Here's the link if anyone reading this wants to see:

  2. Thanks for link. Much appreciated.

  3. And top marks for finding them too. I wouldn't have known where they were.

  4. Just ran a search innit. No problem!