Saturday, 27 April 2013


Update on the previous post: workshops at next weekend's Oxford Children's Comic Festival  (including mine) have now sold out.  Some last minute tickets have been reserved to be sold on the day on a first come first serve basis . Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word!

At the moment I'm working flat out on loads of new stuff for Nessy. Hopefully I'll be able to show you some of that soon along with the cover that I'm doing for the Oldie today (better get on with it).

In the meantime:

Enjoyed drawing this guy's wrinkles.  Didn't get the face quite right though.  I had another go later on (3 pics down) and cracked it I think.


  1. As always, neat sketches. The second go at wrinkle guy is pretty impressive. Real character caught there.

    But don't want to distract from your work. I know what that is like.

    The WV was HEADVAID. I get that all the time.

    1. Fanks, Was the mainly the upper lip that I did wrong on the first one. What's Headviad? or WV for that matter?

  2. WV is the word verification they ask you to type when you post comments. I always take pleasure in the meaningless.

    HEADVAID is when folks won't give you no peace.

    The WV for this post was OPENKEG, which is what a barmaid does twice nightly.