Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Oxford Children's Comic Festival and commuters from this week

I'm really rather chuffed to have been invited to do a workshop at this upcoming children's comic festival.  Should be lots of fun!  More details here

Commuters from the week:

This guy on the right announced early on in the train journey that he "wasn't a supporter of Thatcher by any means" and then launched in to a seemly endless diatribe about how great she was and how everyone who ever criticized her was wrong.  His traveling companion didn't get a word in edgeways.  I liked her classic "touching mouth because I've got something to say but I'm holding it back" pose.


  1. Wow, Some great stuff here. Love the dogs, and the knackered guy, and the girl on her phone and the last one. Whatever you are drawing with at the moment you are getting some great lines there.


  2. Oh and have fun in Oxford.

    1. Thanks to both Keith! I'm using the same brush-pen as usual, but it seems to behave differently depending on the weather (heat, humidity etc) oddly enough. It used to annoy me, but these days I love its moodiness.